Apple 40 GB iPod photo

 Apple iPod Photo 40 GBLove what iPod did for music? See what it can do for photos. Instantly view and share slideshows set to music anywhere – on your iPod photo or on a TV. An incredible combination of storage and portability. The size of a deck of cards, iPod photo packs a color screen, up to 14 hours of battery life, a 40 GB hard drive for holding up to 10,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or any combination in between.


  The new iPod photo features a razor-sharp LCD display that lets you see your photos in vivid color–65,536 colors, to be exact. And with its built-in backlighting, you’ll be able to admire those photos indoors or out.


  Like its famous siblings, iPod photo features the touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel that’s the envy of the industry. You’ll use it to navigate iPod photo’s new menu. Now in living color, it’s easier to read than ever. That’s thanks in part to the clarity of the display–it offers a resolution of 220 by 176 pixels resolution–and in part to the new Myriad typeface. Spin the wheel to Music, and you can scroll effortlessly through dozens of playlists, hundreds of albums, or thousand of songs.


  Or you can highlight photos. iPod photo displays 25 full-color thumbnails at a time. And you can scroll through them the same way you scroll through song titles–quickly. Just spin the wheel to see more. And when you see a photo you’d like displayed all by its lonesome, just click the center button and viola! No one will have to say “cheese” as long as you have iPod photo around. Whether you’re listening to tunes or checking out photos, you’re sure to be all smiles.


  If you’d like everyone else to smile right along with you, iPod photo makes it easy. Sure, you could let them take the Click Wheel for a spin themselves, but here’s a way to get extra points for style. Use the included AV cable to connect iPod photo to a projector or TV. You can mesmerize friends and family with a glorious multimedia experience, offering them a breathtaking slideshow accompanied by the music you already have on your iPod photo. Of course, you get to choose the songs, albums, or playlists. And talk about smart–iPod photo optimizes your photos to fit on a standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) TV.


  Wondering how you’re going to get all your digital photographs into iPod photo? iTunes 4.7. The new version lets you import your images directly into iPod photo from a folder on the hard drive of your Mac or PC. Spent time organizing your photos using iPhoto on a Mac or either Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 or Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 on a PC? iTunes 4.7 rewards your diligence by importing the albums you’ve created in iPhoto or the collections you’ve created in Album or Elements. You’ll be able to choose them from the Photos menu on iPod photo.


  iPod photo features even more robust autosync capabilities. Now, in addition to offering the industry’s best music syncing, iTunes offers stellar photo syncing as well. Update your photo collection by adding images or creating new albums, and the next time you connect iPod photo to your Mac or PC using the included FireWire or USB 2.0 cables, iTunes 4.7 will automatically synchronize your photo collection.


  And did you know that iTunes 4.7 also autosyncs album art? It’s true. The album art downloaded when you purchase music from the iTunes Music Store is transferred to iPod photo along with the music. So while iPod photo plays your tunes, you can enjoy the album art–in color, of course–on the Now Playing screen.


  Whether you’re on a transcontinental flight or an extra-long hike, if you plan to listen to music for hours and hours, iPod photo has you covered. Fully charged, it lets you enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous music or up to 5 hours of continuous slideshows with music. Use the iPod photo dock or FireWire or USB 2.0 cables to quickly charge the batteries.


  What’s in the Box:


  Comes with iPod photo dock, earbud headphones, a carrying case, an AC adapter, a FireWire cable, a USB 2.0 cable, and an AV cable





  • 40 GB model holds up to 10,000 songs
  • Holds 25,000 photos and displays them on a 2-inch diagonal 65,536-color LCD screen with LED backlight
  • Up to 15 hours battery life when fully charged (which typically takes 5 hours); fast-charge in as little as 3 hours


Technical data:

  • Storage: 40 GB
  • Display: 2-inch (diagonal) 65,536-color LCD with LED backlight
  • iPod Ports: Dock connector, remote connector, stereo headphone jack, composite video and audio through headphone jack
  • Dock Ports: Dock connector, line out, S-video
  • Storage capacity: Holds 10,000 in 128-Kbps AAC format, Holds up to 25,000 photos, Stores data via FireWire or USB 2.0 hard drive
  • Audio support: AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 (32 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, Audible
  • Photo support: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and SGI on a Mac; BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF for Windows customers
  • Dimensions: 4.1 inches by 2.4 inches by 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Mac System requirements:  Macintosh computer with FireWire or USB 2.0 port (USB 2.0 requires Mac OS X v10.3.4 or later), Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later (Mac OS X v10.3.4 or later recommended), iTunes 4.7 or later for Mac OS X (included on iPod photo CD), iPhoto 4.0.3 or later recommended
  • Windows system requirements: PC with FireWire or USB 2.0 port, or FireWire or USB 2.0 card, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or later, or Windows XP Home or Professional, iTunes 4.7 or later for Windows (included on iPod photo CD), Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 or Elements 3.0 or later recommended
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery charge time: About 5 hours (3-hour fast charge to 80% capacity)
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours of music playback; up to 5 hours of slideshows with music
  • Part # M9585LL/A

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